Position Outline

Delivering the AP, A Level or IB  Chemistry programmes to students aged 15-18. Locations and curriculum as follows:

Ningbo  – Calculus/Computer Science
Wuxi – Computer Science

The AP Programme

The AP Programme

Advanced Placement courses provide high ability students with the opportunity to earn

college credit whilst at high school and stand out in the admissions process to Colleges

in the US, Canada and other parts of the world. Dipont has developed a coordinated

curriculum that builds on the strength of the Chinese National Curriculum through the

study of AP courses and the provision of academic English teaching.

In some parts of the world, high school students can take AP examinations without

having taken AP courses. The College Board, however, strongly recommends that the

best way to prepare for an AP exam is to take a specifically developed AP course. For

most Chinese students, whose learning follows the Chinese national curriculum, taking

the AP exam without undertaking a specific course is unrealistic due to the requirement

to master concepts, display critical thinking skills and study particular content. Our

students really benefit from our more concept-driven AP courses that can build upon their

previous learning.

We currently offer courses in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental

Science, Economics, History, Geography, Art, Music, Psychology and Computing whilst

English, often with a strong literature content, is taught to all students. As in A Level

Centres, students take a Pre-AP year in order to prepare them for the first year of AP


The schools

Our model, by working with a highly regarded public high school, offer educators a unique

opportunity to teach high ability Chinese students who are eager to learn – without the

behaviour management issues experienced in many teaching posts. Teachers who

really enjoy the depth of subject teaching required at AP A Level and IB  find this

experience incredibly fulfilling. One of the key aims within each centre is to adequately

prepare our students for successful university careers and for life overseas, in part

developed through a modern, western style of teaching that encourages critical thinking,

debate and application of learning. Our students, above all else, make teaching here a very

special and rewarding experience.

Person Specification

1. Within 57;

2. Qualified teachers preferred, two years after graduate experience,

3. At least one recent 2-year contract with the same school, steady work History

4. Experience above should be with high schools;

5. Nationalities: native speakers or non-native speakers with learning experience in English native countries;


Annual salary:
Non-certified teacher 180K-300K  (teachers without a certification such as B. Ed, M.Ed, PGCE, Teaching License)
Certified teacher 210K- 330K
Other Benefits (regardless teacher’s certification)
Housing allowance 3K-6K/month
Flight:  At the time of signing this contract, a standard one-way economy class air-ticket will be provided to the new teacher.
12K/academic year
After completing two consecutive years of employment, from the third year of the contract,  two return flights of 12 K per year.
Contract Completion Bonus 20K/year
Paid winter and summer holiday At least 9 week/year
Other holiday Chinese statutory holidays
Paid medical insurance World Linked  (accident insurance is included)