The following vacancies are available with our parters a top British International School with an established campus in Beijing, China!


ASAP Kindergarten English Homeroom Teacher  – Beijing – 1
ASAP Primary Teaching English Homeroom Teacher  – Beijing – 1
ASAP Primary Teaching Primary Curriculum Coordinator (English subjects) – Beijing – 1
ASAP Primary Teaching ESL Teacher – Beijing – 1


Following its successful launch in August 2017, the school is quickly establishing itself as one of the City’s leading bilingual schools. The School is superbly located in the Dongba region of the capital – to the northeast of the City itself. Dongba is the area of the Chaoyang District that is rapidly developing into a new international CBD, complete with high-end commercial and recreational spaces. HD Beijing is an important addition to this high profile district, offering a genuinely outstanding international education that blends the best of British and Chinese approaches to learning. The curriculum provides students with a broad and balanced learning experience, in which tradition meets creativity and East meets West.

The school not only benefits from being part of the successful network of  Schools in China (Shanghai, Ningbo & Qingdao), but also from its strong relationship with its UK partner school a top UK private school. The school draws on the well known UK partner’s experience and expertise at providing an all-round education. Children not only achieve excellent academic results but also develop interests and skills to prepare them for the challenges of life beyond school. With this in mind, the curriculum at the school offers a broad range of opportunities designed to develop intellectual growth, physical and emotional health, artistic endeavours, creativity and service to others.

The School is committed to fostering genuinely bilingual and bicultural students, enabling them to gain competency in Mandarin and English, as well as preparing them culturally for life in an increasingly interconnected world. The curriculum is taught using a dual-language immersion approach – students benefit from lessons delivered by native speakers of English and Chinese, with some subjects being taught by both teachers in the same classroom. As well as supporting students to become bilingual, the low pupil to teacher ratio enables the school to deliver a highly personalised approach to learning.


For very experienced teachers the salary ranges up to around 300,000 – 320,000 RMB a year before tax plus a generous benefits package outlined below.


Annual Bonus 2 x 5% of annual base salary
Renewal Bonus 5% of base salary
Visa, work permit and resident’s card reimbursement by school
Housing Allowance (RMB/month) Single teacher: 7,300
Couple (One a teacher at school) : 8,300
Couple (one teacher at school) with child(ren): 9,000
Couple (both work at school): 10,500
Couple (both work at school) with child(ren): 11,500
Heating Allowance (this is only for Beijing from Nov to Apr) equal to one month housing allowance
City Allowance (RMB/month) 3,000
Transportation Allowance (RMB/month) 1,000
Temporary accommodation on arrival 10 days
One time relocation fee (RMB) 5,000
One time excess baggage reimbursement (RMB) 4,000
Airfare reimbursement for arrival at the beginning of contract (RMB) 6,000
Airfare reimbursement for repatriation at the end of contract (RMB) 6,000
Airfare reimbursement for annual leave (RMB) 8,000
Staff Children’s tuition benefit Free


Apply online or email with CV or to get further details to jobs@redbrick.education