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RedBrick Education provides document legalisation process in order for teachers to get working visas in China. Currently we support applicants from UK, USA and Canada with this service.

The essential documents to legalise are the Criminal  Background check and Degree/Diploma. Additional documents that are sometimes required to be legalised might include a TEFL certificate. Different employers have different requirements for documents which are needed for the visa process in China, please check with your employer what documents they require, we can provide samples of our legalised documents to help with this.

RedBrick Education provide expedited end to end legalisation of documents for Britons, Americans and Canadians.

RedBrick Education’s UK team, US and Canadian partners will hand deliver required documentation to the necessary local and national bureaus, authorities and Chinese consulate/embassies to expedite the process in the quickest possible time.

For enquires and assistance –

email: visa@redbrick.education

call or text 07931568274

wechat: judgesuds

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